Course curriculum

  • 2

    Chapter one - the calculation

    • List your costs for running BOTH the Business and your Life

    • Tax and VAT and Pension

    • The final figure for your budget

    • Calculating what I need to charge per hour

    • Fair Price ??

  • 3

    Chapter two - putting the pricelist together

    • The Start of Creating your Pricelist

    • Finalising the pricelist

  • 4

    Chapter three - Implementing your prices

    • Starting out with your new pricelist

    • Implementing your new prices on a daily basis

    • Some Final Advice



Mia Overnas

I have worked in the animal care industry for 40 years in a wide range of professions- Groomer, vet nurse, kennel helper, animal care college teacher, lab animal carer and petstore staff. I have sucessfully started up and run grooming businesses in different locations and with different set ups- from a small scale one person shop in rural settings to a large multiple groomers shop with training school and retail part in a big city. The business side of grooming have always been close to my heart and I was awarded Entrepreneur of the year in my county in 2010. As education is close to my heart I have been offering training on all aspects of the dog grooming trade for the past 20 years though seminars, workshops, webinars and one-on-one classes.